Arcadia_the Boss Is Mine_movies

An enterprising youngman comes to a decision to employ a maid and a cook in order to ease his fiancée's return. what he did not bargain for was a tug-of-war between the maids for his romantic attention. oga is every woman's dream. handsome, loaded, kind and single. so straight off the bats, ngozi and anu (cook and cleaner respectively) plot to win him over. they put the driver, victor, into consideration - a situation he exploited fully. until gabrielle (oga's fiancée) shows up. the artisans now team up to tackle their common enemy by making her stay unbearable. will they succeed? if they do, will they finally get oga 's attention? if he notices them, who will he fall for? starring mike godson,daniella okeke,imeh bishop umoh


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